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Analog Cyborgs

“A cyborg, short for ‘cybernetic organism’, is a being with both organic and artificial parts.”
Wikipedia ]

Nikolas Roy was invited to give a workshop around the theme “Next Utopia.” He decided it would be cool to transform himself and his partners into cyborgs. The catch was that the cybernetic components had to be non-electronic. Here are the results:

One of his wearable devices enables shooting a magnet attached to a string. After shooting, he can use a crank from a fishing rod to pull objects caught with the magnet towards him. This is useful, for instance, when shopping tomato cans in a supermarket. Already the first tests showed that the shooting works well”

Camille built “a glamorous wearable contraption with which visitors can play a special kind of roulette: Two modified ashtrays generate a random price for a random drink on the push of a button. Based on the results, she serves the surprise drink directly out of the reservoirs inside her shiny backpack.”

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